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2015 ICAIA U.S.-China Elderly Healthcare Investment Forum, March 30, 2015


ICAIA is hosting its inaugural ICAIA 2015U.S.-China Elderly Care Investment Forum in Austin Texas on March 30, 2015. It is an exchange forum primarily focused on strengthening bi-lateral Sino-US relations by facilitating cross-border learning, partnership and investment opportunities between Chinese and American elderly care industry stakeholders.

China has reached a tipping point, breeding an array of unforeseeable challenges but also exciting opportunities for companies that are forward-thinking and well-equipped. China would greatly benefit by learning, assimilating and adapting best industry practices and operational excellence.

Conversely, with favorable demographic fundamentals and the achievement of higher yields relative to conventional apartments, the U.S. senior housing sector is emerging as an increasingly attractive investment opportunity. Today, senior housing business models in the U.S. have become more defined. Operating margins and occupancy rate are improving to near six-year highs and the industry as a whole is reporting robust year-over-year growth.

As much as China’s elderly care sector presents ample business and investment opportunities, U.S. senior housing also possesses a sea of opportunities and may reward those who are looking to invest in a relatively more mature market abroad. U.S. – China Elderly Care Investment Forum serves as a bridge for bi-lateral elderly care investments, both from China to U.S. and from U.S. to China.  


Program Summary


Time & Location

ICAIA 2015 U.S.-China Elderly Healthcare Investment Forum

8:00 am – 6:30pm, March 30, 2015

Capital Ballroom, Omni Austin Hotel Downtown (700 San Jacinto, Austin, United States)