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22 DEC 2016


ICAIA is very excited to announce that an elderly care facility bible,  A Practice Guide for Senior Care Facilities Operation and Management” is going to be launched in early Januray 2017. After two years’ dedication from over 10+ industry experts, the elderly care facility practice guide is now available for pre-ordering. Please click here for more information.

As China is experiencing unprecedented and pervasive challenges in ageing population, senior care facilities have attracted attention in the ageing industry. However, operators of senior care facilities in China usually meet difficulties and problems due to the lack of knowledge in policies, regulations, concepts and methods. They are eager to have a practical guide to help them build a broad picture of the operation and management on a senior care facility. This book illustrated the operation procedure in the aspects of administration, human resources, finance, risk management, daily care, advanced care, community services, information management systems, etc. International concepts, standards, methods and experience in facility operation were elaborated comprehensively and thoroughly. This book is a practical guide for operators to improve the core competitiveness of a senior care facility.





Chapter 1 Senior Care Facilities in China and Facility Positioning

Chapter 2 Management and Culture

Chapter 3 Marketing of Your Facility

Chapter 4 Human Resources and Training

Chapter 5 Legal and Risk Management

Chapter 6 Accounting and Tax Practice

Chapter 7 Understanding Elderly Needs

Chapter 8 Nursing and Care Giving

Chapter 9 Specialized Care

Chapter 10 Elderly Activities in Your Facility

Chapter 11 Operation Maintenance

Chapter 12 IT System Design and Function

Chapter 13 Performance Monitoring and Operational Enhancement


Editorial Committee


Chief of Committee


Mr. Sunny Jianyong SONG


Mr. Sunny SONG is a senior expert in elderly care facility operation and management with more than 20 years experience in the industry. He introduced internationally advanced concepts and models on senior care service operation to China and successfully launched the first Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) in China. He is current a special-invited expert in International China Ageing Industry Association (ICAIA).

Mr. SONG was graduated in School of Medicine in Shandong University, China. After several years’ clinical practice as a doctor in public hospitals in China, Mr. SONG began to develop his career internationally. He obtained Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Public Health Management in University of Calgary, Canada. Mr. SONG has extensive experience on practice and management in public hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes and CCRCs in United States and Canada, which are,

·      Manager in Brown Rehabilitation Skilled Nursing Home, U.S.;

·      Customer Service Manager in Kaiser Permanente, U.S.;

·      Assisted Medical Director in Cardiovascular Disease Center, University of Virginia, U.S.;

·      Operation Director in Sunrise Senior Living, California, U.S.;

·      Medical and Nursing Director, Sinocare CCRC, California, U.S.;

·      President in American SOP Management & Consulting, L.L.C.,etc.


Ms. Yvonne LI


Ms. Yvonne Li is the founder, Chairperson and CEO of International China Ageing Industry Association (ICAIA). Ms. Li launched ICAIA in 2014 to facilitate what she saw as the ample business opportunities in the Elderly Care industry as well as to address the many challenges the industry faces. She is passionate about promoting a vibrant Elderly Care ecosystem in China through introducing best practices that are suitable for the local context, and building high level cultural bridges between China and overseas countries, and amongst key stakeholders in cross-sector collaboration. Ms. Li is committed to improving the conditions of all those living in Asia through embedding the principles of sustainability, professionalism, applied research and creative market solutions by delivering long-term value that benefits all stakeholders.


Ms. Li’s views on China elderly care industry developments have been sought after at conferences and in various media. In media, she has been interviewed and featured in Financial Times and Channel News Asia’s Conversations program. She has also been invited to speak at numerous elderly care conferences including, Swiss RE, IMAPAAC, Ageing Asia and Terrapin Asia.


Ms. Li's passion for elderly healthcare developments and ecosystem capacity building blossomed during her impact investing tenure at Advantage Ventures where she was also co-founder and CEO. Her other work experience spans structured equity derivatives at Lehman Brothers Asia, commercial banking at HSBC and hedge fund trading at Asia Financial Asset Management, all leading financial intermediaries in Asia.


Ms. Li is a graduate of Cheung Kong Business School EMBA program (Putonghua).  She has a Masters of Finance from RMIT University and Bachelors of Marketing from Monash University.


Ms. Li was named a Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum in 2014.


Other Committee Members


Yanping LIU, Ting ZHANG, Michael Qin QU, Lihua XIA, Bill Wangbao YANG, Ting MIAO, Shuqun KUANG, Qibing GAN, Minxing YANG , Jingping SONG, Yuyun CHEN, Xiao WANG, Fei LIU


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