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Highlights: Beijing Networking Event: Skilled Nursing


December 16, 2015


Marking the engagement finale of 2015, ICAIA convened a group of 40 industry stakeholders in Beijing on December 16, featuring a presentation by Yin Xun Zheng from FB Care Service Co. Ltd, a prominent Japanese skilled nursing service operator established in 1988.



The fact that Japanese institutional care is able to offer and  maintain such high quality service standards stems from the country having a well established senior care service insurance policy and access channels. In Japan, seniors go through multiple “thresholds” to ensure the appropriate care services are assigned; First, a government-employed care assessment officer will conduct a comprehensive study on the level of care required by the applicant. Then, a local care manager will tailor a holistic care plan based on the outcomes of the assessment. Mr. Yin also highlighted that despite having such a mature insurance policy, whereby up to 90% of care services could be reimbursed, such high level of subsidies has at the same time exacerbated the economic burden for the country.


Mr. Yin went on to illustrate FB’s service philosophy in Japan by referencing the life story of Kuniko, a resident of FB GroupHome, from when she first moved in as an active resident, to developing early signs of dementia, and then to when her health started deteriorating and entered hospice care. The full spectrum of service philosophy is awe-inspiring and sparked engaging dialogues during the Q&A session. Lastly, Mr. Yin elaborated on how the company plans to adapt it in China via its joint venture Care Home Co., Ltd., with two facilities opening in 1Q 2016.