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ICAIA Successfully Held Shanghai Networking Event


November 18th, 2015


An industry event featuring Mark Soubiran, Director of International Projects at ISRP (Superior Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation) successfully took place on November 18th in Shanghai. ISRP, a specialist in psychomotor rehabilitation therapy recently expanded into China following a longstanding history. Mark Soubiran’s grandmother Giselle Soubiran founded the psychomotor therapy concept in the 1950s and Mark’s father José Soubiran established the Institute in 1967.



Mr. Soubiran first spoke about the historical development of psychomotor therapy and introduced an integrated approach for treatment to nearly 30 attendees. On the whole, some disorders are purely psychological, which could be effectively treated by psychologists and psychiatrists with assistance of medication or psychotherapeutics. This type of disorder is identified as mental disorders. Other disorders are entirely physical, treatable by physicians and specialists; assisted treatments ranges from exercise therapy, occupational therapy to speech therapy coupled with medication or body function training. This type of disorder is identified as physical disorders.


There is, however, a third type of disorder—psychomotor disorder, a blend of mental and physical disorder which requires psychomotor therapy for conducive treatment. This disease falls into the category of the so-called “diseases of affluence”. Psychomotor therapy, as an integrated approach, is to treat patients both mentally and physically.


To this end, China’s rapidly aging population has bred unprecedented opportunities for alternative therapies geared towards the elderly. Approaching the end of the sharing, Mr. Soubiran highlighted ISRP’s expansion strategy in China via three phases: 


Promoting Psychomotor Therapy - Organize high-level sessions or seminars to promote psychomotor rehabilitation therapy to the industry.


·   Finding a feasible model in Shanghai - ISRP has already approached a number of medical facilities, government organizations and universities.


·  Expanding nationally - Replicate a proven business model in other major cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing etc.