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Highlights: July 9 Shenzhen Networking Event: Institutional Care


ICAIA held a largely successful industry networking event on July 9th, 2015 in Shenzhen, attracting more than 50 industry stakeholders to participate in a very engaging dialogue around Institutional Care Operations.

The featured company was Pine Care Group, a Hong Kong based nursing home operator established in 1989. Pine Care currently operates nine facilities and three clinics specialized in rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine. The group has plans to expand into the Guangdong province and is currently in talks with a Chinese partner to set up a joint venture to undertake an ambitious expansion plan.

Billy Yim, Executive Director of Pine Care Group, introduced the company in an informative presentation which highlighted his philosophies and approach to creating the “perfect” nursing home, which, in his own words, should embed elements of respect, love and spiritual enrichment. He highlighted an internal health and operation management technology system that was specifically tailor-made to Pine Care Group’s operations. A real-time demonstration conducted via the web provoked some very engaging dialogues that followed in the Q&A session. Billy showed participants that although an IT system should be somewhat systematized and standardized amongst the group’s nine communities, some elements should also offer a certain degree of customization, and he plans to have a separate module for his communities in China in the future.


ICAIA continues to attract top caliber attendees, which was a mixture of friends old and new. This marked one of the most successful events yet and the convening of industry players has brokered new partnerships and business relationships that ICAIA hopes to see blossom.

Our next industry event will be held on July 23, 2015 in Shanghai. For more information, please follow our Wechat Official account or email