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Beijing proposing to gradually upgrade the capacity of primary medical institutions to serve the elderly at home, standardize the medical and nursing services offered to them, and include eligible medical fees in the medical insurance coverage.
The Guidelines plan for 17 key development tasks under five sectors, including residential environment, transportation environment, health support environment, living service environment and social and cultural environment for the elderly
“Certain Opinions on Fully Opening up Elderly Services Market to Improve Service Quality”, proposing to lower the entry threshold for private capital to flow into the elderly service industry.
Senior care equipment e-commerce would have a great influence on the type of home healthcare model in China.
Permit of integrated medical and senior care institutions will be issued in 10 days.
Central Government will enhance financial support of senior care industry.


People from all walks of life are enthusiastically discussing whether it should be Internet plus medicine or medicine plus Internet.
China’s medical insurance system is facing three key issues, namely insufficient coverage, strained medical insurance funds, and low user satisfaction.
Service robots and related sensor technology; Next generation biomedical materials;3D bio-printing technology and four types of high-performance medical devices
Yihua Health Care intends to acquire a 58.33% stake in Cherish-Yearn Co., Ltd