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October 16, 2014

Ms. Yvonne Li, Founder and Chairwomen of International China Ageing Industry Association visited Jinghai County of Municipal Tianjin City to meet with government officials in order to gain a deeper understanding of the elderly care landscape and its development

Jinghai, Tianjin - On 16 October, 2014, Yvonne Li, founder and chairwoman of the International China Ageing Industry Association visited the Jinghai County of the Municipal Tianjin City to gain a deep understanding of the local industry landscape of the elderly care sector as well as its development path. This field trip was initiated by Lan Zhang, Executive Chairwoman of Tianjin Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Li, Ms. Zhang and several other entrepreneurs and investors from Beijing and Zhejiang joined the trip. The group was received with open arms by the local government. Guoqiang Ji, Party Secretary of the Jinghai County, and Jianguo Ma, Jinghai Deputy Mayor, had a warm discussion with the group and shared the development strategies to transform Jinghai into a vibrant city characterized by ecotourism and healthcare facilities. The Guanghe Valley Eco-Cultural Industrial Park is one of the key pieces, so is the Peace Garden (Kang Ning Jin Yuan), a large-scale aged care complex.

The Peace Garden is being developed by Tianjin Tourism Group. The General Manager Mr. Jun Xi guided the group tour and gave a detailed introduction. The Peace Garden consists of Independent Living Area, Assisted Living Area, and Skilled Nursing Area and will be supported by an array of healthcare, educational and commercial projects and facilities in the vicinity. The green coverage rate will reach over 60%. Upon completion, it has the capacity of 5,000 care beds and will be China’s largest Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Phase One of the project is to be finished soon.


The Jinghai County enjoys many advantages on developing an integrated healthcare industry system. In Tianjin’s own 12th Five Year Plan, which sets the course for the next five years, building a healthcare industrial park hosting sport, healthcare, education, rehabilitation and elderly care facilities in the Jinghai Country is included as one of the main targets.

ICAIA is dedicated to working with various stakeholders to tapping the potential of developing an integrated elderly care sector on local levels. ICAIA is exploring the potential for promoting elderly products and ICT to the Jinghai County, from strategic alignment from the government, infrastructure investment, natural ecological environment, to strategic industry developments for Chinese and western healthcare and elder care facilities. Ms. Li is confident on the collaboration initiative with the Jinghai County and sees much potential in developing public-private partnerships on different local levels to thrust forward China’s Ageing Industry. The group is deeply appreciative of the investment environment as well as supporting facilities and is looking to deepen the ties and identify investment projects in key focus areas such as healthcare, real estate, trade and commerce.

International China Ageing Industry Association (ICAIA)  is a premier B2B industry association servicing Chinese and overseas stakeholders committed to building a vibrant Elderly Care industry ecosystem in China. ICAIA promotes a knowledge based industry and fosters business opportunities amongst its members and the Elderly Care industry in China. 

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