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Beijing to include in-home medical care for the elderly in medical insurance coverage


Source: Xinhuanet


[November 21] Beijing issued the Opinions on the Implementation of In-Home Elderly Service Regulations, proposing to gradually upgrade the capacity of primary medical institutions to serve the elderly at home, standardize the medical and nursing services offered to them, and include eligible medical fees in the medical insurance coverage.

The Opinions intend to:

1. establish health profiles for the elderly, develop a nursing system for disabled seniors, establish and pilot the capability assessment and care subsidy system for the elderly with disabilities and financial difficulties.


2. develop the policy for subsidizing financially disadvantaged families with seniors at home, and include in-home medical care in the coverage of medical insurance.

3. provide seniors with short-term nursing services relying on elderly care institutions, elderly centers, and community elderly service stations

4. introduce the standards for home improvement for the elderly.

5. develop the standards for domestic services for the elderly, adopt government purchases of services, and establish the system for catering service allowance for seniors with special difficulties.


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