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China publishes its first guidelines on developing a livable environment for the




Source: Xinhuanet


[October 12] Twenty-five Ministries and Commissions, including the Office of the National Working Commission on Aging (NWCA), the NDRC and the Ministry of Finance, jointly published the Guidelines on Developing a Livable Environment for the Elderly, which is the first in its kind. The Guidelines plan for 17 key development tasks under five sectors, including residential environment, transportation environment, health support environment, living service environment and social and cultural environment for the elderly, while setting forth requirements on safety, accessibility, integrity, convenience and inclusiveness. It is reported that the development of livable environment for seniors has been established as a priority for the NWCA, and will be driven as part of the development planning for elderly undertakings during the 13th Five-Year Plan. Pilot programs will be carried out in selected cities/communities as the next step.


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