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China Senior Care Equipment and E-Commerce Has Long Been An Opportunity


April 15, 2016

Source: Health Intel Asia


One might think that China senior care e-commerce is an obvious opportunity, and that would be correct, but up until now no foreign company has entered the space with high-end, high-quality products. Between 2013 and 2015, one question that came up consistently for Chinese healthcare operators was whether they knew of a foreign manufacturer of senior living equipment. One major issue for the Chinese healthcare operators contemplating entering senior living or home health was that they felt that the Chinese market did not produce modern senior care equipment acceptable from the point of view of private-pay seniors and their families.


For the home health market the lack of China senior care equipment is a particular challenge, both for those operators thinking about establishing product lines, and for families that may like to take on the burden of providing home health themselves. Regardless of the commitment, or whether done through a formal services or through one’s own initiative, home health requires for their to be an availability of specialized equipment, and this is just not available in China.


Senior Care Equipment E-Commerce May Empower Individuals and Impact Successful Models


All of this is to say that if e-commerce takes off for the senior care equipment sector, it is quite possible that individuals will become empowered to implement home health for their ageing relatives faster than organized service providers are ready to do so. Now entering the realm of pure speculation, if China senior care equipment e-commerce were to empower individual families before service providers were able to come in with a traditional, organized home healthcare product, then this would have a great influence on the type of home healthcare model that eventually does become a success story in China.


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