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“Barrier-Free” Approval Procedure Launched for Integrated Medical and Senior Care Institutions 


April 12, 2016

Source: Beijing Youth Paper


The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Health and Family Planning Commission recently issued the Notice on Improved Permission for Integrated Medical and Senior Care Institutions, under which authorities of civil affairs are required to prioritize applications from medical institutions for the permit to establish a senior care institution that provides centralized accommodation and care services to seniors. Qualified applicants will be issued this permit within 10 days of receipt of their applications, while qualified applicants which are primary medical institutions and Class II hospitals may be entitled to construction subsidies, operation subsidies and other policy support designed for senior care institutions.


Further, the Notice also clearly provides for the support for senior care institutions to establish a medical institution, apart from that for medical institutions to set up a senior care institution. For senior care institutions proposing to set up a medical institution such as geriatric hospital, rehabilitation hospital, nursing home, Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital, or hospice, the department of health should prioritize their review and approval and issue a reply within 10 days.


Such provision is only applicable to a medical institution proposing to set up a senior care institution or vice versa. Currently, the period for the department of civil affairs to review and approve a permit for establishing a senior care institution is 20 working days, while the period for the department of health to approve the establishment and registration of an infirmary is 45 working days.


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