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“Internet plus” or “plus Internet”?





Currently, people from all walks of life are enthusiastically discussing whether it should be Internet plus medicine or medicine plus Internet. Both start-ups and established businesses covet a share of this market. Since 2014, the Internet has been speeding up its expansion into the medical spectrum driven by huge capital flows. But with lots of projects failed, expanding into this area through a pure Internet approach may not form a new wave in the market. Many in the traditional medical industry argue that the Internet plus medicine model has met a dead end, and it’s time for the medicine plus Internet model to come into play. The so-called medicine plus Internet model focuses more on traditional medical institutions with the Internet acting merely as a supportive means. At the moment, under the combined effect of aging population and reforms in medical insurance, the Chinese medical service industry itself is undergoing a period of significant changes, while the development path of the Internet in the medical area ultimately depends on policy evolution and market demands. It is about further mutual integration based on the trade-off between policies and market demands to improve and refine the overall market supply under policy guidance, instead of which one plus which one. 


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