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Who are ICAIA's members?

ICAIA is a results-oriented community of corporations, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, government entities, investors and entrepreneurs. Although ICAIA members come from different backgrounds, they are united by a shared commitment to develop China's nascent and rapidly growing Elderly Care industry.

What's included in an ICAIA membership?

Annual Events Attendance

Held in major cities in China and overseas, the ICAIA Annual China Summits and Overseas Forums have emerged as preeminent venues for global Elderly Care leaders across sectors to convene to develop effective solutions for China's Elderly Care industry. Featuring a mix of keynotes, panel discussions, breakout sessions and workshops, these events provide global Elderly Care leaders with opportunities to share knowledge and discuss innovative ideas. Leadership Roundtable is a series of private meetings that create and support industry-level dialogues and partnerships between leaders and experts in their respective fields. 

Relationship Management

Upon joining ICAIA, each member is provided with a dedicated account representative who works to enhance your organization's involvement with the ICAIA community. Whether your organization is looking to expand operations into China's Elderly Care market or is working to enhance already established programs, your account representative can connect you with new partners, share the latest insights and research, and offer advice and assistance.

Year-Round Engagement

Opportunities to engage with the ICAIA community are offered within eleven cross-cutting segments, each representing an Elderly Care topic or strategic approach. Members can customize their year-round experience based on their specific areas of interest.

Media Support and Showcasing Opportunities

ICAIA has forged partnerships with prominent media companies. Professional media specialists can help members craft a robust media strategy, set up interviews and develop compelling messages and press releases. As a premier industry platform, ICAIA members will be viewed as leaders who are pioneering the development of Elderly Care in China. 

How do I become a member?

For all membership inquiries, please contact