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ICAIA Membership

ICAIA members include public and private stakeholders ranging from companies, institutional care service providers, real estate developers, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, policymakers, academic institutions, investors and entrepreneurs.  Against the backdrop of a rapidly ageing China and nascent industry developments, ICAIA and its members are committed to enhancing the professionalism and quality of service within the industry.

Why Join ICAIA?

ICAIA offers ample opportunities for business development, collaboration and access to a diverse set of resources as its members span across 13 countries.  Through its dynamic network, ICAIA provides an unmatched platform for developing initiatives to address systemic challenges and opportunities related to China's Elderly Care landscape. The ICAIA community constitutes leading corporations and care service providers, non-government organizations and academic institutions, policymakers, investors and entrepreneurs that stand at the forefront of China's Elderly Care Industry. Members have access to unparalleled opportunities for networking, peer learning, collaboration and discounts for sector-wide events and training programs.

There are three levels of memberships with different benefits:


Benefits include: exclusive invitations to private events and programs, discounts on domestic and overseas workshops and study tours, exclusive access to an Industry Database with a comprehensive collection of Elderly Care research reports and much more. 


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