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ICAIA Institute

ICAIA Institute is an education exchange platform committed to providing the highest quality training to professionals and executives, by drawing on the diverse expertise of its cross-sector, multidisciplinary members.  As we interact with a dynamic Elderly Care landscape in China, the need to understand driving forces, from both local and overseas perspectives, has never been so urgent.  As such, ICAIA Institute achieves the following:

  • Helping stakeholders to gain an understanding of the current state and analyse future trends of the global Elderly Care industry, while adopting a China-appropriate lens.
  • Facilitating discussion amongst participants regarding barriers and opportunities of entering into the Elderly Care market in China.
  • Helping stakeholders to gain insights into international best practices that are suited for the operational environment in China.
  • Providing guidelines for interested international stakeholders to navigate the intricate labyrinth of Chinese policies and regulations pertaining to Elderly Care.
  • Allowing stakeholders to observe first-hand on Elderly Care projects and service delivery frameworks in China.  
  • Assist practitioners in developing technical expertise for delivering higher quality of care services.


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