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ICAIA Engage

ICAIA Engage organizes a series of impact-driven events that have the potential to kickstart a much needed development in the cross-border public-private collaboration space in China's Elderly Care industry.

By convening corporations, government entities and leading practitioners within the industry, ICAIA is strategically positioned to leverage a wealth of expertise and funnel it into practical initiatives for Elderly Care service providers via thought-provoking dialogues and exchanges.

ICAIA Engage offerings include:

Annual China Summits & Overseas Forum 

Flagship annual conferences that convene key local and international industry stakeholders to explore industry development trends by combining a mix of keynotes, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and workshops.

Leadership Roundtable 

Private convenings that create and support industry-level diloagues and partnerships between leaders and experts in their respective fields. Key takeaways from these meetings are then crafted into thought leadership pieces known as Leadership Dialogue Series.

Networking Events 

Regular networking events are held around key cities in China, featuring themed presentations delivered by industry experts and allows for meeting of new business partners.  


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