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Our Services

ICAIA adopts a cross-sector, multidisciplinary approach to enhance the development, professionalism, and quality of service of China's Elderly Care industry in the following four ways: 


ICAIA Engage is a series of programmes and events that convene leading Elderly Care practitioners, business leaders, investors, academics and policymakers from around the world to foster and deepen cross-sector and cross-border collaboration.  As a diverse community, ICAIA and its members offer unparalleled  insights and channel them into shape-shifting agendas to move forward China's nascent Elderly Care industry.   



At ICAIA Research, we advocate systematic inquiry involving the practical application of theories, knowledge, methods, and techniques.  Applied research creates the foundation for informed action and fresh voices are put forth by innovative approaches that are grounded in qualitative and quantitative analysis.  Our research publications are primed for stimulating industry-wide conversations and moving the industry forward.  



ICAIA Institute is the convening space for Chinese and international key industry stakeholders to enhance their understanding of China's complex and ever-changing Elderly Care landscape.  Through constructive dialogues and immersive learning, ICAIA provides knowledge-based programmes that allow participants to stay informed of industry dynamics, practices and technologies.  ICAIA engages leading operators and academics to facilitate in-depth training on Elderly Care business strategy, operational developments and other pertinent topics.  



ICAIA Advisory aggregates world-class intellectual and operational expertise in the Elderly Care industry to work with clients on a wide array of projects, including market entry studies, senior housing operations design, investment advisory and other key implementation projects.  Comprised of advanced analytics experts, operational specialists and seasoned investment professionals, ICAIA offers a comprehensive suite of advisory and consulting services that help clients develop a competitive edge in China's rapidly changing Elderly Care market.