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Brush strokes are the most fundamental building blocks of what has been considered the grandest form of artistic expression in China - Calligraphy.  As characters and styles were invented, the way each stroke is positioned, rendered and perceived is distinctive as an art as well as a science.  The beauty of Chinese calligraphy lays in that each Chinese character, however complex in composition, exhibiting a repertoire of different weights, forms or styles, all characters originated from the simplest of strokes, a horizontal line "一" meaning "One".

Manifested in abstract and expressionist values, the concept of "Oneness" is a philosophical, yet paradoxical one.  Just as "一" can be split into two different directions on opposite ends, thus creating a "duality" effect the concept of "Oneness" can also be applied in many fields besides the arts.

Most people live with a dualistic worldview. Good or bad, right or wrong, poor or wealthy, male or female, youth or aged.  Viewing life from these polarities can have profound impacts on the wellbeing of people from every walk of life.  Seeing the world and all experiences through these relative and subjective filters can cause much segregation, suffering and ill-health.

The concept of "Oneness", then, can be experienced through contemplation of the origin of all living things, holding the vision that we are all indeed inter-connected.  The silver lining that we are all inherently "One" is awe-inspiring.  It creates peace, acceptance and harmony upon the world and in those who can live their lives through this state of tranquility.

The ICAIA logo of two concaving brush strokes embraces the ideologies of "Oneness" and "Community"; that the elderly are an inseparable element of our social fabric, worthy of praise and respect.  The two strokes complement one another by forming a circular shape, signifying our unyielding effort to build a vibrant ecosystem of China's Elderly Care industry.  The aesthetic differences in weights on opposite tails convey the directional flow of information, ideas, expertise, capital and partnerships that ICAIA attracts as a China-focused, international established Elderly Care service platform.