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International China Ageing Industry Association (ICAIA)  is a premier B2B industry association servicing Chinese and overseas stakeholders committed to building a vibrant Elderly Care industry ecosystem in China. ICAIA promotes a knowledge based industry and fosters business opportunities amongst its members and the Elderly Care industry in China. 

The ICAIA Community consists of members and experts that make up a dynamic network of investors, operators, product providers, expert intermediaries, and researchers with a strong track record of investments, services and operational experience, product and technology innovation, successful market development, specialized advisory services and cutting-edge research.

The association convenes global leaders, transforms research and ideas into actionable agendas and fosters collaboration through strategic public-private partnerships and business and investment opportunities. 

Our Vision

To develop a healthy environment where Chinese elderly will thrive.

Our Mission

ICAIA catalyzes transformational change of the industry by:

  • Developing a knowledge driven economy by incorporating best practices that are suitable for local Chinese contexts, and encouraging primary research that results in greater application of such knowledge.

  • Fostering successful partnerships in China’s Elderly Care industry through convening high-level influencers and industry stakeholders in cross-border and cross-sector collaboration.

Our Values 

The following core values inform ICAIA’s mission and guide our actions:

  • Collaborative:  We work with members, partners and industry experts to derive world-class results for our programmes and projects.

  • Constructive:  We promote care practices and products that enable elderly to live a respectful, healthy and full life

  • Innovative:  We encourage our members to develop ground-breaking solutions to address issues that arise with a rapidly ageing China. 

  • Professional:  We promote and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and quality of service amongst the ICAIA community. 

  • Respectful:  We respect individuals, companies and the Elderly Care industry at-large.  

  • Responsible:  We are a results-driven organization fueld by a profound sense of responsibility.


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